CHUNG | NAMONT presents Confluence, featuring individual works by Beth Davila Waldman and her collaborative works with Jenny Day.

Through the lens of these two artists exploring contested territories and through layers of paint and photography, the exhibition looks into a trope of the photographic medium: the Landscape.


Beth's works explore, with concrete forms and bold lines, the impact of social and political forces on the landscape. Because of family lineage, a focus of her works has been on Peru, a place impacted by colonization and economical transgressions. Combining photography, paint, collage, plexiglass, these works engage the viewers, compelling them into contemplating the powerful forces at work on these fragile spaces.

Intersections No. 7

Intersections No. 12


The Hunters Point Series is informed by San Francisco’s Hunters Point Shipyard as a Superfund site, a historic commercial shipyard, a naval base, and as an artist and residential community. The multi layers of materials applied over the panels allude to the layers of history embedded in this soil. Here we are viewing through bright colors, angular shapes and imposition of planes, a place as a repository of history and a starting point for conversation on contemporary landscape.

Hunters Point No. 9

Hunters Point No. 7

The intense and fruitful collaboration between artists Jenny Day and Beth Davila Waldman is the epitome of Confluence. Both artists bring their high level of conceptualization and transformation to a common exploration of how humans have impacted the landscape. These mixed media pieces fuse photographic elements, collage, and paint; built layer by layer, exchanged repeatedly between the artists until they reach that fine balance that collaboration rarely achieves.

Meet the Artists

Beth Davila Waldman

Jenny Day


Questions from curator Emmanuelle Namont

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