In photography, “Exposure” is defined as:

- the act of presenting a photosensitive surface to rays of light.

- the total amount of light received by a photosensitive surface or an area of such a surface, expressed as the product of the degree of illumination and the period of illumination.

- the image resulting from the effects of light rays on a photosensitive surface.

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In his series “One Day Solar,” Lucien Liu uses pinhole cameras to capture the sun’s path in long exposures ranging from 8 to 20 hours; the resulting colors in the images are varied by the different types of photo papers. From brilliant hues to muted tones, “One Day Solar” is a feat of the most fundamental form of analog photography. It should be noted that the pinhole cameras are designed by the artist from common objects like candy boxes and tea canisters.

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Lucien’s Interview


“Catalina” by Bijan Yashar is a series built upon found photographs that had been left to “fry” in the sun in a real estate office. By re-photographing these relics, the artist shows simultaneously the generative and the destructive power of light. The images, seen through different lens, are a marvel of mangled texture; they create intrigue and grant new life to an otherwise mundane landscape.

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